The Seven Keys to Success

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Please let me share with you The Seven Keys to Success in Commercial Real Estate. These seven keys comprise your value proposition. They are the foundation for success in our industry. They permit you to demonstrate a level of expertise the clients require.

1. You must learn and speak the language of commercial real estate.

2. Demonstrate expertise by asking ALL the right questions about property, the number and owner, buyer and tenant requirements.

3. You must be able to discuss how the client’s answers will impact their transactions.

4. You must be able to describe the steps in the processes of effective owner, buyer and tenant representation.

5. You must be able to create proper timelines for achieving results the clients seek.

6. Obviously you must know the market better than the client does, otherwise they don’t need you.

7. All agents must have created a resource team of the people who will help clients during the transactions and you must understand what they do, where they fit onto the process and how much time and money will be required to use their services.

If prospects routinely stop calling you back it’s because your value proposition is lacking. They won’t tell that you’re not cutting it, however, effectively, you have been fired. Make sure you have a strong value proposition to become a successful commercial real estate agent or broker.


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