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To Succeed in C.R.E. Focus on the Basics

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I was happy when a mentor told me that in any endeavor there are a half a dozen things that make up 95% of our success, and that there are hundreds of things that make up the other 5%. Our challenge is not to focus on the 5% but on mastering the fundamentals. The most successful people are those who master the basics. Fortunately, I also learned the correct syntax for success from my mentor. The proper foundation for success at anything is an education that compresses what it has taken other people years to learn into a few weeks.

The next level in the success pyramid is training and focuses on skill building. If there is no skill training, there cannot be any deliberate practice. Without deliberate practice there cannot be coaching to provide the immediate feedback necessary to assess what we have done correctly and where we need to improve. The role of mentors is to help us innovate and solve unusual problems. He taught me that the reason so many new commercial real estate agents have problems, is that they utilize a mentor as the basis of their career.  In this situation very little coaching occurs because the new agent tags along to meetings where the mentor does the heavy lifting. The new agent is the observer so there is nothing to coach. There is no deliberate practice because the mentor has no time for the necessary skills training. And an education in the fundamentals is almost entirely absent.

The Top Dogs programs provide you the correct step-by-step path to success. How to Fast Track your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate will educate you quickly. How to Run with the Big Dogs in Commercial Real Estate will provide you the skills training. The action assignments will engage you in deliberate practice. This will allow your mentor to fulfill their proper role as your coach and provide you the immediate coaching and feedback necessary to perfect performance.

The simple truth is success only requires that people use the correct syntax. In the commercial real estate industry it is axiomatic that 20% of the broker’s produce 80% of the transactions. It is those who master the basics that produce. Be one of those few who focuses on and masters the basics of the business and learn how to produce.



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Master the Art of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, The Easiest Way to your Financial Goals!

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The best in every industry are those who invest the time and effort to master their craft. Commercial real estate brokerage is no exception. Those who truly master this industry will be rewarded handsomely. It is our mission to help you to earn more money with less effort. To do so, take the following three steps:

1. Fast-Track Your Expertise: Start by learning the fundamentals as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. While others teach aspects of the fundamentals of commercial real estate in lengthy and costly ways, no one teaches them as thoroughly and as quickly as the Top Dogs.

2. Build Your Practice: Once you understand the academics, you must build your practice. In other words, you must build the systems that will bring you business: Lead generation systems, lead conversion systems, and systems for delivering outstanding service,

3. Refine and Grow Your Practice: Once business is consistently coming in, you must continue to refine the systems you have in place so that you can handle more with less effort. Go from earning a few hundred thousand dollars per year to earning millions every year.

To master each of these steps, we invite you to explore the tools that we offer to help you master the art of commercial real estate brokerage:

● Top Dogs: How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
● Top Dogs: How to Run With the Big Dogs in Commercial Real Estate
● Coaching Programs


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Six Ways to Market on the Internet

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For the last ten years, I’ve told commercial real estate agents and brokers that the Internet will not sell for you. I stand behind this statement. During the dot-com boom, it was proposed that you could sell everything over the Internet. People loved this idea because it took away their need to work at selling their services. The thought was, “If I just develop a good Internet presence, I won’t have to do all the work I currently do to sell.” We all found out this wasn’t true.

The Internet is a very valuable resource though. It won’t sell for you, but I’ve found that there are currently several great ways to generate leads for commercial real estate clients on the Internet. They include:

1. Website: You need to have a personal website. In our training videos and classes we share with you some tips on how to quickly get one going. They are cheap and easy to create these days. If your website is going to be a lead generator, it needs to offer your ideal clients resources that they can access for free or for a price. To produce a lead, you simply require some form of registration in order to access the resources available.

2. Email: I do not advocate huge email blasts to people with whom you have no relationship (otherwise known as SPAM), but there are many other ways to use email, including auto-responders, opt-in newsletters, endorsed offers sent to other people’s lists, and several other ways. When you send out email, make sure it offers good education or information. I suggest that the content not be contained completely in the email. Instead, the reader should need to click a link to access the information. The link then takes them back to your site or to a place you would like them to be. This allows for good tracking of your marketing efforts and creates better traffic on your site.

3. Search Engine Placement: You can pay to be listed at the top of the list for any set of “keywords”. This means that when someone searches for information on certain terms, your listing comes up at the top. This is a great way to drive traffic to your site or to a site that makes a specific offer to your potential clients. Check with the major search engines for more information on key word advertising. Over time, you can work to achieve high “natural” rankings for those same keywords.

4. Advertisements on other sites: This can range from reciprocal links to banner ads, pop-ups and pop-unders. If there is a site that your ideal clients frequent, check to see what linking or advertising opportunities exist on that site. One tip I can give you is that your ads should not simply be for you or your service. Instead, post ads for information, such as lists, reports, books, and more. Potential clients are much more likely to click on a link offering a free list of investment opportunities or available space than they are to click on a link that simply has your name and picture.

5. Article and information submission to online news and information outlets: This is very similar to a traditional PR campaign that submits articles and information to print, radio and TV outlets. The main difference is that you are submitting to online newsletters, industry sites, news sites and anyone else who is sending information to your desired audience. You can also self-publish this information by posting these articles to your own site or connected to your site. Either way, the goal is to create more ways for people who are searching for information and services you can deliver to find you. As was already mentioned, we offer a wide variety of articles that can be submitted.

6. Social networking sites: Much like networking in the real world, online networking can be a great way to meet people who can either become clients or refer you to clients. No different that networking in the real world, online social networking requires a fair amount of work for it to pay dividends. Networking online also has the added benefit of providing more ways for people to find you online, which provides a lot more opportunity for you to market using the previous five ways listed.

A well-rounded Internet campaign will use each one of these methods to contact potential clients and generate leads. Ask yourself, “How many of these methods am I using?”

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Focus on the Results

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We all use “to-do” lists – and they are useful for managing certain types of activities. However, commercial brokers get paid for results, not activities, and “to-do” lists can cause us to focus on activities.

Here is what often happens: Whatever you consistently focus on you will get more of; focus on activities and you will get more activities. It’s easy to get caught up in the illusion of progress instead of achievement.  The satisfaction of checking off a series of “to-do’s” perpetuates an illusion of progress. Thinking becomes short term, rather than strategic. Endless streams of activities can pile up unless you “keep up”, causing stress. Meanwhile, important things get crowded out because our focus is on urgency rather than what is truly vital for success. So what can we do about it?

Instead, make sure you have a written business plan. Then schedule the actions to implement your plan. Focus on the most important results – specifically, which properties do you want to list, sell or lease right now? Prioritize the actions that will achieve these results.

Innovative simple ways to accomplish results, opening the door to improved ways of doing business.  Use the Top Dogs programs to create your step-by-step action plan for next –level success!




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5 Steps to High-level CRE Success

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Five CRE Success Strategies

1- Bring Them the News – Identify changes or a new trend in your market service area that your prospects need to know about. Then narrowcast this information to them. Start by making calls to them with important news to share, and why they need to know it. Also use Youtube, a webinar, or a podcast to narrowcast your message.

2- Communicate Confidently – Know your song well before you start singing. The only way to develop a confident communication style is to practice, roll play and get feedback on your practice. How you say something always speaks louder than what you say. Wrap your message in stories to make them engaging and memorable. Be passionate about helping your ideal client and let your passion show.

3- Get Competitive – Commit to being the top cold-caller in your firm for a full month to generate new, solid leads. Then build relationships with those leads. It takes 5 to 8 contacts to build trust. Structure your lead follow-up to ensure 5 to 8 contacts within a few weeks. Do this by always leaving them with a promise to do something for them, and then fulfilling on your promises. Follow up, and remind them that you are keeping your promises.

4- Create Certainty – Clients are looking for a FEELING of CERTAINTY that if they work with you, that they will get what they want! For them to get this feeling, you must build your expertise. Webster says an expert is, “a person with knowledge, skill and experience in a particular field”. Adopt an intense approach to education and training to master the basics. You need to get better and smarter, fast. This is the only way to harvest the lifetime value of the account.

5- Be an Athlete – Develop the attitude of top athletes. Nobody practices the fundamentals more than the professional athlete. It’s all about constant improvement in the fundamentals. Sharpen your skills daily.

Use the Top Dogs programs to improve your business. “People want to hire the best, and skip the rest”, Bob McComb

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