Get on the Cycle of Success

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Success and failure are both the result of the same four factors with radically different outcomes. The four factors, beliefs, potential, actions and results drive the cycles of either success or failure. Both start with beliefs. It is axiomatic that whether you believe you can do something or not, you are usually right.


The successful person believes they can, and that moves them to assess their potential, which is the next part of the cycle. Unsuccessful people believe they cannot, and feel they don’t have the potential to succeed. Having assessed their potential, the successful person takes action, the unsuccessful never do. Actions produce results, and positive results feed new and more powerful beliefs, expanding potential, leading to greater actions and better results. The unsuccessful, having never acted, or who tried a few times never really believing they would succeed, get negative results that feed into disempowering beliefs.


The new emerging CRE agent naturally believes they will succeed. The key question is, what are their beliefs based upon? Certainly not on empty affirmations such as “I believe, I believe, I believe”; those can never work because that is wishing for success.


Successful beliefs must be built upon a solid foundation. The cornerstones of that foundation are a core-competencies education, skills development, deliberate practice and performance coaching.  Without the proper foundation, newer agents are likely to waste their potential, taking actions that result in a series of failures, fueling disempowering beliefs. We see them hanging around the office, wasting their precious golden hours for months or years before finally giving up.


A well developed on-boarding plan that includes the four cornerstones of success will support a positive cycle of success and create high producing agents.

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