5 Steps to High-level CRE Success

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Five CRE Success Strategies

1- Bring Them the News – Identify changes or a new trend in your market service area that your prospects need to know about. Then narrowcast this information to them. Start by making calls to them with important news to share, and why they need to know it. Also use Youtube, a webinar, or a podcast to narrowcast your message.

2- Communicate Confidently – Know your song well before you start singing. The only way to develop a confident communication style is to practice, roll play and get feedback on your practice. How you say something always speaks louder than what you say. Wrap your message in stories to make them engaging and memorable. Be passionate about helping your ideal client and let your passion show.

3- Get Competitive – Commit to being the top cold-caller in your firm for a full month to generate new, solid leads. Then build relationships with those leads. It takes 5 to 8 contacts to build trust. Structure your lead follow-up to ensure 5 to 8 contacts within a few weeks. Do this by always leaving them with a promise to do something for them, and then fulfilling on your promises. Follow up, and remind them that you are keeping your promises.

4- Create Certainty – Clients are looking for a FEELING of CERTAINTY that if they work with you, that they will get what they want! For them to get this feeling, you must build your expertise. Webster says an expert is, “a person with knowledge, skill and experience in a particular field”. Adopt an intense approach to education and training to master the basics. You need to get better and smarter, fast. This is the only way to harvest the lifetime value of the account.

5- Be an Athlete – Develop the attitude of top athletes. Nobody practices the fundamentals more than the professional athlete. It’s all about constant improvement in the fundamentals. Sharpen your skills daily.

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